Seasonal Maintenance is Always a Great Idea for Your Kia

As seasons change, a number of things in our lives require some upkeep. And that's true of your vehicle as well. When it comes to caring for your Kia in Duluth, seasonal maintenance and service is always a great idea. And the Rick Case Kia Service Center is here to help. Here are a few things we'd suggest:

  • An oil and filter change will clean your engine of dirt and debris, and give it a fuel efficient boost.
  • Having your brakes inspected, and replacing your pads and rotors if there's too much wear and tear, will keep you riding safely.
  • Check your fluid levels, and top off coolant, power steering, transmission, and windshield wiper fluids as needed.
  • Rotating your tires will keep the tread wearing evenly on all four, preserving the life of the whole set.
  • In the hot Atlanta sun, your battery can lose fluid, which results in oxidation. Have your battery tested to make sure it's strong enough to keep going.

Are you in need of season maintenance? Schedule your service online, and remember to check our current selection of Service Specials. Let's get you ready to tackle the roads this fall!

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