Getting geared up for travel this summer? See what you maintenance you can do to get your Kia ready for the road ahead!

Spring is well and truly underway here in the greater Atlanta, GA area, but as you well know, summer is always just around the corner. Now, for many Georgian drivers, summer means heavy travel as you spend time visiting family and friends across the state and across the country. Naturally, that can put some strain on your Kia car, which is why it's important to get it serviced before you head out. Luckily, as the premier Kia service center here in Duluth, GA, we've got answers to all your Kia service questions, and we'd love to help you ensure your car is ready for all the adventures ahead.

Now, one of the most commonly overlooked items of Kia maintenance is tire wear. We've seen so many Kia cars come into our service center near Atlanta with tires that are practically bald, and in most cases, the drivers didn’t even know there was a problem. Now, there's a quick and easy way you can tell if your Kia car's tires are on their last legs. Simply insert a penny upside down into the grooves in your tires' tread. If the penny covers up most of Abraham Lincoln's hairline, you're good to go! But if you can see most of his head, you may want to bring your car over to our dealership to see if you need some new tires.

Of course, checking your tires tread and getting a fresh set before heading out on a summer road trip is just one of many things you can do to ensure that your Kia car is great shape. To find out more, feel free to browse our Kia Service FAQs linked above, or get in touch with us to speak with some of our friendly Kia service advisors today!

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