Keep an eye on your teen's driving habits with the innovative new features of the Kia Rio!

If you're the parent of a teen who's just starting to drive on their own, you no doubt know the immense feeling of pride that comes from having your child take some of their first concrete steps towards adulthood. Of course, you also know the anxiety and worry that comes with having your child drive on their own for the first time. Fortunately, if you need a bit of help getting over than anxiety and reinforcing safe, defensive driving habits with your kids, you may just be interested by some of the innovative features available with the new Kia Rio.

Now, the Kia Rio is one of the few subcompact cars on the market today that offers a real array of forward-thinking safety features, with its available Kia Drive Wise system offering features like a Forward Collision Warning System and Autonomous Emergency Braking. However, one of its most innovative safety features for parents of teen drivers is the My Car Zone™ app. Available to Kia Rio models equipped with the Kia UVO infotainment system, the My Car Zone™ app allows you to set limits on top speed, set boundaries of where your teen can drive, and even set a curfew for when you expect them to be back. If any of those limits are exceeded, the Kia Rio can send an alert directly to your connected smartphone, keeping you in the loop and connected to your teen's driving habits.

Now, the My Car Zone™ app is just one of many outstanding features available with the new Kia Rio that can benefit both you and the teen drivers in your family. That said, there's so much more that this new Kia subcompact car has in store, and we'd love the chance to show you all it can do here at Rick Case Kia. Feel free to stop by our Duluth, GA Kia dealership to take the Kia Rio for a test drive today!

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